Holy Freedom 

 Life is the best teacher of all. Do you see how the collective, the herd mentality, is always going the wrong way? How wonderful that you didn't and won't follow the others, nor join the crowd. Many of us have this pure instinct I guess. Something told us not to get caught in the popular moods, the zeitgeist of deceit. There are other ways, and we are all very capable of finding them. We do it all by ourself - alone - but strong and never lonely. We feel at peace as we rest in our own care. It may be uncommon, but it's honest and loving to ourself. We find Something within us that is free from the ways of human organization and dogmatic deterrents pushed on us. We uncover this pure Light of our Self that is in harmony and rhythm with Life. How beautiful to let ourself flow with our own currents, our creative, unbound, fearless nature. Deep within us is this balanced Joy and It's expansive, boundless freedom. It Lives like the spark of a little kid learning to ride her bike. She knows she can do it, she knows- and she does. We are this powerful knowing and we can do it. That Child holds hands with the Greater Light of ourself, the Infinite Mind of God. Of course we can do it. We can Live in these wide open fields of unbound beauty, the Light Divine that is always here, always Present. See the Quantum Magic, as we lift our view of Life - we lift our world. I love this holy time and I love you

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