April Blooms 

Perfect Day 

Believing that the world is an objective, material place of tangible things and time, humanity tries to manipulate, control, smother, contain, restrain everything. But, putting it simply, God is not subservient to human control. God is Life Itself and can't be bought or sold, It's unpossessed and un-owed. This vital force of Life is God's perfectly balanced Equation of giving and receiving. This dynamic love is everywhere - earth gives to roots, the warm sun feeds the roots and sky - rain gives to trees, branches, buds, flowers, bees, fruit - all one vital love, divine giving and receiving. We realize we are this vital force in action. This is love and love knows what to do and how to do it. Knowing our Real Identity we don't fear and we don't comply with the mistaken sense of identity the tries to control Life. And we cannot change the Truth. This vital force blooms the roses and lights the sky with deep blue azure's heavenly colors that delight the holy Child we are. Love knows there is no other Life here, love knows there is only this Immutable All and Its Perfect Presence. Deep in our very Soul we are fully aware of this timeless Child we are, understanding this Perfect rhyme and Divine reason for ALL that is - and we Live It from this Heart of Knowing - right here in the world.

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