The garden's lacy lilac tree 

Living Faith

The True Nature is the pure, unconditioned Self, the very Soul of us that lives before time, in time and beyond time - all at once. Three that one, the holy Trinity. This pristine Child we are, our True Nature, understands the world is both good and bad - both at once. It Lives in Balance - being in the world but not of it. The holy Child is the Living Beauty of Faith, Faith that is written in our Heart, the Divine Imprint that knows who we really are, where we came from, and where we will return. This Faith is already within us. It is one with the Light of God and knows there is no other Identity we can be. We find the Child and the way through the world becomes much easier. The Child knows what is Real and what is not -  the dark shadow of 'what is not' serves a perfect and good purpose; it causes a divine discontent that pushes us to find the Light of Truth, find What Is Real, find our Self - and we do. This magical, miracle world of 'seeming' is designed for us to find our way back Home -  for the second time - this time knowing the Joy and Beauty of our Divine heritage - this time we find the Beginning and we stay there.

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