Wild Flowers by Sandy Jones

Real Love 

The unbound joy of self-discovery releases us from the old rules and dictates of society, spiritual, religious and secular. The authentic realization sets us free from the old mistaken paradigms based on fallacious precepts. We find our true Identity, our original nature and we are able to stand on our own two feet, able to think for ourself. No longer subject to everything we hear and all we are told. No, we find freedom when we find this authentic Self. This is the holy Child we were 'ordained' to be when we first came into this world.  We rediscover that Child and the heart and the intellect become one whole self, able to Live in the world without being fooled by it.  Love, real Love, leads us aright, and we won't get pulled into the human extremes. We are not afraid to be our Self. We are fully alive to our senses, the vital force, the energy of inner peace and the eternal Light of our soul. The holy Child is wise, intuitive, creative and free from the shallow belief system that keeps the collective trapped while selling  the latest hocus-pocus agenda gimmick. The Child is steady in the abiding Reality and Truth. We have found our original nature, our divine Selfhood, the holy Child - and we know this is the fulfillment of the Original Purpose for tangible life on earth.


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