China Cove - Summer Time Beach Day - Artist unknown

Because God Is  

Because God Is, I am. No matter what changes in the external world around me, I remain always here. If I am here, then I know God is here. MySelf I am comforts Me because God is My Self-knowing Awareness. My holy Spirt is the Living Individual Self-knowing Awareness of God. Don't let anyone come between you and God. No priest, pope, guru, potentate, or government can tell you what to think or what to accept as true. The only Government you would do well to listen to, is God. God is the only Government, no matter how loud the voices shout otherwise. God is thIs Life you are, the Changeless One. This holy Light we have found within ourself is God's Light. Here and Now I Am forever inseparable from MySelf. Myself and God are One Self-knowing Light. I turn around, find the Light within Me. I come home to Myself, the divine Intelligence of God and God's Self-Knowing- this Awareness-I-Am. Living this divine and gentle stillness, centered in peace, knowing God's Holy Spirit IS the Life-I-Am. I have no need to change the external, ephemeral, ever changing things. We see It clearly, God is this Self-awareness, God IS its OWN awareness. God and its action are not two, but one - nothing can separate you from the Light of God being You - Here, Now, Always.

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