warm summer day 

Beauty Lives 

We are already on holy ground. We find and Live the Beauty of this fresh, glorious knowing - we take hold of our Real Identity and run with It. We are already Living this Presence of God. Life and God are One Light. God is Always Here. We may not know who we are, we may not know God is All That Is -  but no matter - this Changeless Awareness of God still Lives as the very Self you are. There is no other Awareness Here. This Awareness includes All That is. It includes the whole infinite Light of Itself. In the Light of Truth, we know that God alone Knows Itself to be the Single, All and Only.  There really is no other than God and God's Awareness Here. God discloses itself to a willing heart. We ask and are given the answers. We seek and find, we know, each in our own way, perfectly balanced, harmonious, self-assured. Now you find your way, you find the holy Child filled with your own words that flow between you and God alone. You'll see your world changed.  Your very being now sparkling with Peace and Beauty, with new eyes, new "I's" that Live This and Be This carefree, unbound Child of God that you are.

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