November - Mystical Moon in Gemini   

Cosmic Song

Bright ideas, untamed visions, Illumined, magical mercurial elements cannot be captured. The Moon in Gemini quickly moving, communicating a quicksilver mystical connection shining in the dark night sky. We cannot hold the radiant moonbeam, its beauty's luminous glow of poetic mystery that shines upon us. She brings good news of the Sun's eternal light forever casting its heavenly love mirrored upon her. God's divine Intelligence spins the planets, keeps the holy movement in perfect order. Cosmic wonders dance to the rhythm and move invisible airwaves of time and space. Here on this icy cold night, outside in the dark, under this resplendent moonlight we feel the holy Presence of this Exalted Omniscient Lyricist, Supreme Writer of the eternal Music of the Spheres. We are the Infinite Song of God's Living Celestial sounds, the angelic choirs bringing us the words, the melody, the ideas expressing as the Beauty of the world - this Life we see and be. The ocean captures the moon's dancing spirit upon the waves - high tides, low tides - the fathomless Love's Unbound divine Mind, Consciousness, the Living sea of Life. We are here, being, seeing, immersed in the miraculous, sensual stream of wonders flowing with this mystical moonlight enchantment.

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