Joy and Delight  - by Sandy Jones

With Us Always

Perhaps it is through the struggles and sorrows of life that somehow we find what is Real and we feel the Divine Presence of God and Its Love within our Self. We find the Inner Knowing, the Peace that sits right next to God, Reality, Isness. We find the Self of us that lives beyond the limits of time, like the photon, everywhere at once, while right here leading our way all along. This holy Child lives before we came into this world. It is our honest, brave, unconditioned, unbound, eternal Soul. It is here with us always, moving through this tangible world of time and space, and permeating the entire Universe, all at once - even if we live completely unaware of the Presence of God - this Living Awareness is our Identity, bringing us information - Real Information, the Honest Light of Truth. This Inner Authority knows what is and sees clearly what is not true, not real and never was. Now we see this world with pristine heart, tender innocence of wonderment and clear understanding. We Live in the Light of Truth. We feel the Goodness, the Beauty, the Magic of this world - we are touched by the Presence of God - the Living Mystery. Here, from this holy place within us, we know everything is really all right. We find It and we stay here and we Live.

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