Roses In Bloom

One and All

We are one with the eternal Presence of God. Life, Being, Isness, God (call it what you want) is not separate from this Awareness we are. God is All. Life is One Infinite Divine Mind being the Self-Awareness, the Identity you are. There is not "other." What would happen if we stop "acting as if" we are separate from God and Its Eternal Presence that is right here, right now. What if we accepted the Truth of who and what we Really are; God Mind-Aware-of Its Self. How fearless and creative we would be if we only realized our Infinite Divine Selfhood. We are the Living Child of God, God's offspring, God Mind and Its functioning- two that are One. That Which Is Real and Eternal is the Intelligence being this Self-Aware Universe we are. Like a rose bush, filled with roses, each blossom beautiful, each sweet rose separate from the other roses. But, in fact the roses are not separate, not alone, each rose belongs to the whole rose bush. Each rose being an aspect of that which makes the rose bush a rose bush. The rose bush is its all inclusive roses being the very blooming beauty and happy Isness of the rose bush Itself. Which takes us back to God and God's Mind Being this Ever Present marvelous Awareness that is the Life being each and all aspects of One Divine Mind.

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