Celestial Song


I share my story and my heart
with those who are interested in
their own self discovery of the unbound
Child of yourself,
your divine birthright,
freedom and joy.

-Sandy Jones-

Floral In Pink
- by Sandy Jones



The mystic has known, from the beginning,
 that when he looked at the night sky he was looking into the Mind of God.  
More, the mystic knows that the Mind of God isn't separate from the awareness of you and me that looks into the night sky. 

"There is an alchemy that happens. 
We mix the two together, intellect and heart,
mind and soul, ego and Identity,
what is and what is not, objective and subjective,
duality and non-duality. There, in this mixture,
the Third appears. This is the Alchemy
of Love and the Power of Light."


- Sandy Jones - 

Excerpts from 
Barefoot At Heart - The Alchemy of Love and The Power of Light

With Love