Rainy Garden

A New View

A beautiful morning, low clouds and icy cold wet air. Everything soaked with richness, the earth, the trees, the tall green grass, all sparkling with silvery light. How marvelous we are. I love us all. We are coming to understand that our experience of the world is directly connected to our identity. Knowing our Real Identity, we experience the world as That which is honest, true, and secure in our Self-knowing freedom. When we live from the mistaken identity, we experience the world as insecure and unreliable. If we are very fortunate, the troubles of this world will cause us to seek our Real Identity. We find our Original Nature and here we live this Balance between the tangible experience of body and matter - and the Intangible, unbound Spirit of our True Self. We know these two are One and we live this experience of balance, wholeness, peace and honesty. Living as our Real identity, we experience that view of ourself as our world blooming in this ever ongoing glorious Living action of being our Self. 

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