Wintery Sunset 

The World is Understood - Not Denied - by William Samuel
To the objective view, there is God and a sinful mankind struggling to return to God's grace. To the subjective view, there is God and God's Self-Awareness appearing as all possible individual states.
The “return” is leaving the bonds of objectivism to re-embrace the Original Child, the subjective “Mind of God”—to let the Awareness be us which is also the Christ Truth.
Then, if we are willing to continue, we find and live the balance. Here, the objective world is understood, not denied.
The balance is a step beyond subjectivism, just as the subjective idea is a step beyond the objective view of things.
But, listen, listen: The Child within can be found anywhere along the line at any moment! When the Child is found, we go quickly to the balance of things.

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