Iris Floral Green and Red -  by Sandy Jones

Interface With God

It is is true, words are very powerful. We can change our world with the words we use, for better or for worse. Let's not give any power or validity to the angry, divisive words that we hear speaking out in our world. Anyone can find their heart and live from their own inner Light of Truth as they interface with God, Living Presence and Its Awareness - this Life that is Always Here. You can let the heartfelt connection between you and the Divine move through you and out into the world. We bring the words that lift the veil of misperception, words that allow others to claim their divine heritage too. No matter what the situations in one's life, we can live the fullness of the Light that Is within us. The Real of us is the Child we are. This Child is never harmed by the world of time and matter. The Child is the holy Essence that is before we come into this world, it is the Soul of us, the Real Identity that will show us the way through this world. We find that Self, the One that understands and is therefore not afraid of Life and lives wholly true to Itself. This Light within us makes it easier to understand that the only way to see our world as the Balanced Perfect Vessel It Really Is, is to live this Identity we are, right here, in our own way, finding our own honest words. This pristine Child of us is already on holy ground, here, in and as our rightful place. We don't hide this Light we are - we be it, we see it.

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