Angel Light - Artist Sulamith Wolfing 

Iridescent Gifts 

I like washing dishes, I like the feel of the hot water and soapy bubbles. I like clean dishes that sparkle and shine with life, liberty and happiness - and yes, they do. Not only that, but everyday is Christmas if we want it to be. We can enjoy God's twinkling lights and jolly bubbles reflecting the divine iridescent gifts that can't be held or captured - Light of Life - always makes me smile. Who could not feel the tender grateful heart when washing dishes. This whole amazing experience of simply being here, being home with love, joy, contentment - here - as my heartstrings play along with God's holy Symphony - this Infinite song of Life we are. Love is harmonious, in tune with Something that keeps me close and carries me along with It. It is here. I'll stay true to this Beloved Being, this Silent Beauty, sacred peace, Shekinah - this place within that moves my Soul and Lives as this Life I am. I am forever amazed at the wonders and miracles that continue to show up, ongoing, unfolding, Invisible concerto we can hear, feel and see - recognized as this Life we are - this world of Living magic. Always here in joyful anticipation, I keep my arms, my heart, myself open and It rushes in, meets me in love, just like this.

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