Windy Day by the Sea 

 Divine Nature 

Many of us have this pure instinct not to join in and follow the crowd, or accept everything we are told by so called authorities. I guess we are growing in numbers with the desire to think for ourself. Something told us not to get caught in the popular, societal programming, the general zeitgeist of deceit. We are realizing there are other ways of seeing and being, and we are capable of finding them. We have found this deep faith in ourself, to trust ourself and stand alone - alone, but never lonely. How beautiful to let ourself flow with our own currents, our creative, unbound, fearless divine nature, and feel the harmony and rhythm of Life. We have discovered our Real Identity, the Inner Spark of our holy Spirit, that little kid learning to ride her bike. She knows she can do it, she knows - and she does - she's got it. It's all hers. This powerful knowing is the Divine Imprint, the Child we were before this world was, here, we find the eternal One. We can Live in these wide open fields of unbound beauty, no longer fooled by the mortal-mind's mistaken beliefs. We have found our divine freedom to be ourself. The very action of Living this joyful honest Light of our own Self-discovery will free our world with us.

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