Summer Garden - Ojai 

Good To Know 

How very beautiful to know that the future is always certain, and we are always in Love. What could be sweeter than that? God is Love and God is the Presence of Everything. There is no place ever that you could not be in Love. Love is Total, It will be wherever you are. We can see, feel, and live this, because God is Faith, God is the whole boundless timeless Life we are. Faith is God, always Here being What Is, no matter where we are. How very safe this is, knowing we are Here, able, doing, being and enjoying this ultimate, Immutable Isness of Life Itself. The coming and going, arriving and leaving of what appears as magical vanishing acts of people, places and things - really changes nothing. Wherever they go, they are in Love and Love is still Here, Life is wherever they are. Faith sees beyond the limits of time and matter and knows exactly where Everyone and all things are. Our Life is Everywhere at once. No one is going anywhere. There is no time and no other place. Its all here. There is nothing outside of Life Itself. We are living our unfathomable, limitless, joyful Presence of Infinity. Faith is the radiant splendor of existence Itself. We will always have Faith, we cannot be or do otherwise. We are always safe, we are always in Love. And so it is.


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