"Morning Light" by Sandy Jones

The Totality of Love

This journey to discover peace and understanding brought me back into the world, not further from, but closer. Now, the world is understood and it is so beautiful. All of it, the whole story was just as it was meant to be. That reminds me of an old song; your ups, your downs, you smiles, your frowns, I've grown totally in love with you. My romance with the Divine was an intimate merging of opposites, unexpected wonder of spirit and matter becoming the Same One - but greater than both. The two became one, inside was the outside, above was below and the whole, complete, totality of Life was Here and Now and All That Is and Ever was. It was Like seeing through binoculars, two lenses coming together to create this perfect focus, the third view, clearly seen as this holy Trinity we are living, what we are looking at, seeing and being. Yes, my spiritual quest brought me back into the world, no longer denying it, but seeing it totally. It was the same world, but I had changed. Now it is beautiful and perfect just as it is, yes, just as it is. In a kind of alchemy of Love wherein the two, matter and spirit, come together and create the third, the holy Child made of these two lovers. The opposites create the wholeness, the understanding, the clarity of 'what is' and 'what is not' - All filled my heart with peace. All really does mean All - and the Heart understands.

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