Stars - by Sandy Jones

Everlasting Life 

How divine this Light of Life is. How wonderful to see and feel what a beautiful, magical marvelous world it is. No matter how powerful persons claim to be or how many people think they can control the world - they can't - and they never will. This Light of Life, the Infinite Mind of God cannot be owned, used or ruled by anyone. The Unbound Presence of the Living Omniscient One brings us this holy Glimpse of Truth. The unbridled Laughter of God fills our Heart. We can no longer find a quick and easy way to draw a line between our self and this Light of God. We are not separate - we slide silently together with God - while yet we remain who we are, unscathed by the merger - we Live. Recognizing that God is this very Life we are and that the concept of "no-self" is a useful tool, it leads to our Real Self, the holy Child and the powerful knowing of this higher, eternal, everlasting Self - showing us that Love is everywhere at once - and no where else. This grace lets us know that God really is All That Is and we are the Child of this Love, living the pure faith that comes from our own innocent, pristine knowing-heart. In this Living faith, which is the holy Child's natural Love for God - we begin to see this divine Child coming to Life within us all and blooming fully in our world 'out there' -

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