Christmas Child - by Sulamith

Christmas Spirt

Yes, dear Christmas Spirit, we can indeed say that for the Child there is no beginning -- and there is no end. The Child is the consciousness that Is, Was and Ever shall be. You have this right. It’s all very mystical and magical … the logical mind cannot fathom it. The Child IS Prior to thought and narratives, prior to the birth of inner or outer worlds. The Child, The Soul of us -- IS -- prior to all content and all experience and yet we seem to get closer to the Child when we stop avoiding the content of our experience. Beautiful, yes. The Child leads us back Life, no denying or avoiding no possessing and needing. We are our own Messiah, showing us the Way Home, back to our Divine Selfhood that transcends time and matter, while being right here, living peacefully with time and matter. We do this, we are this, we set our self free.

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