Floral In Pink - by Sandy Jones

Most Richly Blessed

You are most richly blessed. And I see no reason why we should not celebrate this joyful Truth. It's always good and right to be honest, to speak the truth. Seems a good idea to tell others of their own Infinite Light of Beauty, their Unbound freedom, their Illimitable Identity that Is here right now. How wonderful to realize that the Light and Life we are is Awareness Itself and Awareness belongs to God. There is only One Awareness. It is Immutable and Always being this Life we are. Awareness is not guilty, it's not made mistakes, gotten lost or off course - It is pure and pristine and Present, right here, and It is always being you. Nothing would exist at all, no Universe at all, if God's Awareness were not here. That's Something to tell about. It's so close, most people don't see It. But, we are Living God's Awareness right now, Its being you and me. What a joyful freedom from fear it is to know this. It the freedom to Live and to Love and enjoy the Wonders of being this holy Child we are, offspring of God. We are here to be, claim It and Live It. You are the carefree Divine Identity of God's Awareness. We be It, because we are It. It is God's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom - What could be greater than that.

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