Narcissus and Cactus -  Rain Blooms the Garden - Ojai

Rain Blooms the Garden

Sweet garden blooms from all the lovely rain. Here I am, living this Identity, the awareness of the flowers, the sky, the fresh morning air and sunshine. This is the holy Child, the Self-knowing Light of God's Awareness. I don't have to do anything to be this awareness. This is Love. This amazing wonder of being aware, flowers, trees, joyful light of being, feeling, here, always here. We are the knowing, seeing, being of God's Self, the Light of God. This knowing shows us through this world. The divine Light of God is the Inner authority, divine being, the Imprint of God. This is who and what we are. We are not obliged to obey the authority of man nor his earthly governments. We know who we are. We stand true and alive to this divine awareness of our own self governance. It is our God given right to live by our own heart's knowing. It is the most reliable and honest way. We uncover this Innocent Child, the holy one we put away long ago - we reclaim our Divine Heritage and Live It's Love, the knowing we always were and still know. We find the Self that is untouched by time and matter - and we Live again - this time knowing the Joy of this Self we are. This Light of awareness is our wholeness being One with Mind of God. We find the Holy Trinity and the Infinite view comes together as one, right here within our very own heart.

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