More Sweet Rain

Quantum Nature 

It's basic, primary, fundamental - we are one with the quantum nature of Life, the Living Presence of Divine Mind. I am, you are the world we walk through. Identity and the world that appears to be 'out there' are One. It is all within us. The world is not an objective material place and it cannot be fixed or changed by 'moving the deck chairs.' This world Is the Living Mind of God and this Identity we are is Its Self-knowing Awareness. God is the Life and Light of All That Is. Our world appears as Images of images, reflections mayhap - but It is always the Mind of God, All in All. We find our Real Identity is the Child within us. That Child will lead the way. We will see the 'New World' - and it won't be the one the blind consortium of fictional characters are dreaming up. This holy Child cannot be fooled. This Mind is fully Aware that the observer and the observed are One. Letting go the delusional perceptions of the struggling human apart from God - the 'old mind.' - we claim our divine heritage, put on the New, to be born again. Now, living this Child's Way of Life. our world is fresh, ongoing, growing, unfolding in perfect Balance as the beauty of this Living One.



Floral in Pink 

Mysterious Power

How very beautiful it all is. Beauty is the divine messenger speaking to my heart, singing to my soul. It comes unsolicited and just smiles at me, it fills my heart and my world sparkles and glitters everywhere. We can see the entire situation in our world is pointing us back to our Self. Our Self, the one that is Real, and Lives as Love's Eternal Light. We are like a field of wild flowers, such grace and beauty, the flowers blowing in the wind. Springtime arrives and the holy mystery blooms in childlike wonder. I feel the magic of this divine love song of the Infinite Being, expressing It's Presence in the soft colors as this holy splendor of light. Watching the flowers dance to the breeze of the unseen rhythm, the mystical caress of unbound Love. This paradise of peace resides as this joyful soul of my Self, the vital, living, bare, vulnerable holy Child that has returned to me. Such extraordinary strength in this most tender, delicate, carefree and mysterious power of Love.

Blooming Springtime


You see, if these organizations, governments and their institutions spoke the Truth and advocated freedom, individuality, and told you of your unbound divine power, your Real Identity and the joy of Living this holy Mystery- well, that would put them out of business. They would lose their members, their power, control and profits. But, despite their coercion - we have found the Truth and we are breaking free. One day we realize it is our God given right to find our Self. And so we do. And when we do, we are not afraid to live It right here in the world - that is a very powerful action - causing a quantum wave of Truth to be seen all around us. We can no longer be fooled by fear and false authorities. Soon we will see and know our whole sweet world has found this Joyful freedom - free and living without fear. We live our life fully in touch with the Living Presence of the Infinite Light. Being the holy Spirit - and we don't need others ruling over us. We don't fight, we don't fear, we don't resist. As the Child we are able to flow easy, like water moving along, powerful, steady, around and over what ever might be in the way - and a Mysterious thing happens - It does wonders for us all.


 Poppies - by Alexa Bliss

Divine Mind

They forgot that the Child of you and the Child of me is the same One, deep in the heart of God. Where did they get the idea they can stand as intermediary, governing authority between God and us? Nothing exists between this Awareness I am, this Child of All, and God Itself. In the twinkling of an eye, we realize the whole world is the Living Presence of Divine Mind; our very Life is Awareness itself. This Unbound Mind is filled with joy-full thought - not the plans and calculations of a syndicate of falsifying manipulators. You and I are always free, being the Living Light of the beautiful and complete fullness of God. We are Living as thought-full Awareness itself. We are the holy Child of divine Mind. Our thoughts a continuous surprise and delight, a spontaneous, effortless flowing, wide open, all-inclusive Mind being the Awareness I am - this Awareness right here, right now. This holy Child Lives in the Meadow - a new dimension is added - we have walked into a heavenly wildflower field of colorful Light and Joy, Wonder, Beauty and Peace. We leave the old man's world and we reclaim our God given Mind - and we Live It, playfully free, alive - in Love

Rain drenched little garden

Real and True

Beautiful -This morning the birds are singing happy love songs. Everything is wet, the air is misty, fresh and sweet. It's all quite perfect. Venus and Jupiter are lined up close. They are starry eyed lovers and we can feel it. We are made of this same heavenly Light, the same cosmic Splendor that shines here, sparkling in our eyes. This Love lives within us all. This Love is unbound Love, It lets us all do what we want to do - it doesn't control or force, It is the Presence of God, the rhythm, the movement of This Infinite Universe we are. When we discover our Real Identity, we are no longer enslaved by fictitious beliefs. This holy Child we are reveals to us the powerlessness of the pseudo-authorities. We find the Light, and know for ourselves what is Real and True. We can't be fooled. We have set ourself free. We discover the joyful abundance of Life as we come alive again, rise from the dictatorial emptiness of old conditioned thinking and false beliefs. The holy Child is the Balance - knowing 'What Is Real' and 'What Is Not' - and knowing these two are One. Here, as our Self, in this sweet anointing, we know that nothing Real is harmed and we are born again to the Living Presence of this divine Mystery of our very own Being.


Sweet Blooming Beauty

Mysterious Agreement

How extraordinary this Life is. It is the Presence of God being Lived by You and Me. My journey brought me to see and know that God is being All That Is and all that I am. God alone is Living the Light that is being this Self-Awareness-I-am. It proves Itself as this knowing peace that lets me think for myself. This Identity I am is not a material thing - It is the divine Presence that is God's alone. God and this Life- I- am does not belong to time and matter, to the government, nor a political party, or to fear's prison and control. I will do it My Way. And this Way proves Itself to be faithful, honest, perfect, and true. God has never been subjugated, overthrown, invaded or occupied by any external persons, Ideology, religion, philosophy, system, leader, group, committee or governing institution - no matter what label they go by. There is no other authority outside of God. All 'things' are images within this One Mind, the Mind of God. Being true to myself is the way of this enlightenment, the mysterious agreement between IS and AM, the single One. God is Self-evident, as obvious to me as this Awareness-I-am. My relationship to my world is intimate, it is the Love that is enlightening My Experience of Life, which includes all the images that exist powerlessly within this Awareness-I-Am


Winter Beach Day

Omnipresent Oneness

No matter how the world appears to be, this Absolute perfection, this omnipresent Oneness is right here and now. This very Presence is the Awareness of God. Here, beside the ocean, I can see the snow topped mountains miles away. How marvelous and miraculous this Infinite Light of God's Totality is. Love is immeasurable, God is Love Love is here. It bubbles with childlike happiness as this unbound Source flows through me. I feel Its marvelous Living Wonder. To realize this entire Self-Aware Universe works perfectly as timeless eons of endless Isness - All our very own Self. This Self I am is the holy Child of this One and Only. That's the Way of this Divine and Infinite Isness.  I inhale the sweet fragrance of this Intangible Holiness enlightening this whole experience. Your Beauty is extraordinary. I am in love. I am enchanted by this marvelous, effortless, unambitious, easy Lover that has had its way with me. It's all right here, always here. And I am surrendered, without direction, aimless and content in the fulness this Beloved that has taken me. Everything is the Living evidence of the Allness of God and Its timeless holy Child we are.