Fall Harvest Beauty

Here Always

But you and I, we will abide within the heart of ourself, knowing what is true and we go on joyfully living It. Ever reminding ourself of our true nature, this Infinite Presence of Peace and Balance. We Live It Here and Now. It is Life Itself, this holy Spirit of God's Divine Presence. Knowing we are this Infinite Light of eternity will keep us alert and steady, "as wise as a serpent and peaceful as a dove." We can watch the passing scene and not get caught in the shadows of unreality. We find that ground, that stable place within. It is the holy Child, the divine Balance, Identity that knows we were never born and will never die. In this mysterious union with the divine, we know the images of this passing scene will change, but this Light we are, this Eternal Presence that is right here - is here always. Living and being this Self-Knowing Identity-I-am I see the grand, vast, vistas of this Unbound Life we are. There is only This that Is Here, the Living Awareness, the Mind of God. There is no one and nothing outside of this Immeasurable Trinity of All That Is.

Wintery beauty in the dry desert warmth 

Boundless Wholeness 

Love is here, love is the Life we are. Love is not gotten or given or taken away from us by others. It is the very Life we are, the Self we are, you and me - right where we are. Life flows freely, Love is the wholeness, the Totality of Life, this Self, this One Self we are. We open ourself to Life and Life, the holy Isness of God, rushes in, flows through. As we Live this divine Uninhibited Child's innocent faith in Life, the sacred heat and vital forces of Life lifts us up with the wondrous, powerful, living vitality of God, the infinite One. We are this Immeasurable Life of All that Is here. Love comes from within our Self. Through this change of heart, this new perspective, we change our world. Now we live this timeless wellspring of God's Self-knowing. With this change of heart, we come alive, up and out and into the boundless wholeness of our Self, to realize we are the world, every sweet bit of it - the entire unbound, Illimitable Life living Itself as this Identity we are. This that I am, is Life Itself, It is God's Infinite Being, the Awareness that includes All That Is. Discerning Intelligence knows Itself fully. This Knowing Life looks around and sees the unfolding wonders and miracles, here, there and everywhere we are.

 Ojai - studio garden

Divine Livingness 

Ahhh yes, a sweet feeling when the morning air is warm and dry. A change, coming from the east, bringing us the gentle, fresh, desert feeling of love. A wonderful change, absolutely glorious. God seen as Life Itself. God being It's Self in all Its bountiful action of ongoingness, never the same moment, never the same day - always new, always here, present and Living. What is Real is no mystery. Life is simple and God Is the Only Life here. Life in all Its Infinite Love. We are It's Livingness, the Way is Divine. This is It. This whole marvelous experience of Life Is the Way of Love. Intelligence is Life, God is Life, God is All That Is - Here, now, being this and that and all that we are.

 "Whipped Cream"   by Sandy Jones

Divine Intelligence

We are here in this life to re-claim our original Identity, to recognize our eternal, divine Illumination itself. We are here to live this ageless Identity, knowing we are the world we walk through. We discover we are home, forever resting in the deep and abiding Presence of God, this Life, right here and now. We return to our original, pure heart to see the fears and old restrictions fall away. Life is not afraid of Itself. We are Life, uninhibited, happy, whole and content. We let the pure Heart of Intelligence and Its sublime clarity lead the way. We are bathed in the holy grace of balance and freedom. Feeling at home in the world, we are never alone, we are one with our whole world. There is only one Child, one Self and It is you - whole and ongoing, ever discovering, uncovering the Infinite boundless wonders this Life you are.  Like a tree blooming, Life is undivided, complete, flourishing and filled with the essence of abundance and peace. We are Life. We are here, doing what we are here to do, to be, to live - just like this, just as it is. Nothing to prove only to Live our God given Divine Imprint, to let this Heart of our uninhibited Intuitive Intelligence  lead the way. 


Evening Candle Glow

Divine Light

We are given the way to know what is Real and what is not. The holy Child is our eternal Self, our divine Light. This is the Balance within ourself. We find our Self, and we stay here in the sweet center of this living equanimity within. Between spirit and matter, time and timeless, we stand strong. Our two feet on the ground, knowing and being this holy Peace that has found us. We feel it and so we Live It. We have become quite capable of discerning for ourself what is right for ourself and what is not. This Understanding is a powerful but gentle Love that leads our way. It is the fearless freedom, the fire, the flame, the quiet everlasting light within us. This unbound Presence clears away the mist of deception and confusion and reveals to us that we are on holy ground, always here. Living our divine freedom we go our own way, we trust ourself, knowing what is right for ourself. We listen to the Infinite Intelligence, the divine guide within us. We can hear the holy voice - we can do that. And when we do, we know we are home, we are safe, we are free - here - at peace within ourself. And all things really do work for Good. We see It, we know why, and we Live It - 


Return to Reality

In the quagmire of lies, we can find our way back to what is Real and True. The Truth is always awaiting our return. As the world scene becomes exponentially muddled in what is not real or true, and the lies grow dense - we know it is time to find the Truth within ourself. We come into this world with our Original pure Honest Self, the holy Child we are - and It is still here within us. Though It was covered-up by the 'adult-erated' programming, the beliefs put upon us that were not true. But, because the lies have grown so thick, this goop of dishonesty that is seeping out from everywhere causes us to gasp for Truth and reawaken to our Real Identity. We can and we will make our own discovery of this Living Peace as we let that trustworthy Child lead us. This Divine Light we are finding, seeing and feeling is the holy Child within, our Real Identity, our Eternal Soul, the One Honest One. As we reclaim our Original Self, we become whole, alive, understanding and empowered. Now we have no need for false prophets and dishonest governments. We stand secure in this Inner Light of Self-knowing. We find this holy Place within us, authentic and real. It brings us all we need to know and whatever we need, whenever we need It.

Summer days 

Light and Shadows

This unleashed beauty and the grateful gift of Love always brings me smiles - Here, knowing I am Home. Home is this Living peaceful twinkling light and shadows - all Here within and without. The very Life we are is the holy Grail. The Universe inside and out - and all of It is this bountiful Cup of Something divine, filled with the pure holy waters overflowing with the Joyful Presence of this undeniable Living Truth - It's all that Is Here. There is no other Here than This. This Wonder of Being expressing all that is worthy, good, honest and alive, this Life that Lives from the Uncaused Source that opens the gate to the Meadow. Here in this sacred garden of abundance and beauty I write to Myself this song of my Heart - for My World that I am - and that I love.