Blooming Wonder

Painting "Blooming Wonder" by Sandy Jones

Blooming Wonder 
The real joy of this self-discovery is that I feel so earthy, full of contradictions, yet happy that this is so. I am joyfully free. I feel this sensual love that moves me, sweeps me into the arms of Life itself. I am touched by this holy, sensuous, uninhibited liveliness that bubbles irrepressibly through me. I feel whole and real. And all of this is beautiful, divine, sacred, gentle and full of love. This is the sweetest wonder and childlike delight. I don't have to live up to anyone's expectations nor even my own. Here is a richness of being that lives from an infinite river of love. Being full of myself is living this expansive love that includes it all, it includes you and it includes everyone and everything. This is my sweet freedom, found and lived. Oh how I love to love, and love it all madly. This heart, broken wide open, has no rules, no practice, no formula, no philosophy, no religion. And yet, this heart includes them all, all of it, a living joy of ongoing love I am, we are, this is --

This Way

 I thought about your beauty and light, this morning, as the sunrise woke me. It has me wandering the happy trails with you. I see you shine, I see you sparkle, golden sunbeams. Me, I have no plans and no intention on arriving anywhere.  I am already here, wherever I go. I hope you don’t mind. I love this sweet freedom that shows me the way. And, you know, I’m always in love with you, you know that.

I am delighted by the ever-ongoing happy effusion of surprises. The magic exudes its evidence, as I see the love in your eyes, the love pouring out as everything moving along in childlike illumination of wonder.

This whole adventure, being here, living it, this is a world of magic. Living fairytales and memories, taken into the unreasonable, into the spacious, unconstrained beauty of your love, a swirling, dancing world of you and me - It is all here in this enchanted heart of a living romance, unleashed by the believing Child of us.

She is my soul and she leads me along this path, holding hands, she shows us the way home. We return to the pristine beauty we are. Imbibing in love. Ah, yes, the taste of wine and dreams upon your mouth saturates my soul.

Into the dark blue air, to gaze upon the starry night, we look up and out to see the sparkling magic and wonder everywhere, in everything.

Here, in the meadow we dream, laying next to you, the way of love is revealed. This road of life, it leads us back to the heart, the one reality that sings this love song we are. Feeling this love, we come alive to our whole world, back to our self.

We find a hidden glen. Fingertips and breath. Breathing you. We are the substance of things unseen. We are music and laugher in playful rapture, feeling how close, your voice whispers. We are painting the sky with pink reflections of shimmering ice cream castles and silver dewdrops gleaming on the green grass in the misty rain of God's cosmic light.

I found this little sketch of Ojai, that I did. It was in an artwork folder with things I’d painted several years ago. It’s rather adorable, I think. So I just felt like sharing it.

I love Ojai, it is such a lovely home for me. I can't think of a better place to live, in these times, in these days.

The little painting got me thinking. I've been very lucky to have lived in such wonderful places. I grew up in Corona del Mar, one of the most beautiful beach towns of California. It was a very special little enclave, many years ago. It's still one of my forevrer favorite places.

Then I moved to Maui for a year or two. After that, I went to Aspen, Colorado. I met my husband to be, there. We got married, bought a beautiful, soulful home on a little creek, near the airport, Owl Creek Road. Heaven on earth. We raised our three kids there. What a glorious place that was. Aspen is known for it's blue sky and sunshine, even in the middle of winter. It would snow at night and be bright and magical during the day. I'd ski at least three times a week, all winter long. And the summers were green and lush. Spring time, rivers rushing, clear and icy, roaring with the run off from snowy peaks. Warm summer days, and the cool breeze blowing gently from the mountain tops - we'd always laugh, saying it was like natural air-conditioning.

And now, here, in Ojai, back in California, happily ensconced in 'the nest of the moon.' This town is truly sublime. It is, very definitely, a mystical and magical valley. Locals and visitors alike, get to enjoy the creative delights of my little shop, which is such a pleasure for me. And, when I can, I get to play in my rustic, but beautiful, art studio, quietly abiding in the back yard. A sweet little sanctuary for me. And then too, the ever joyful surprises of unexpected friends who often stop by to share their love, their laughter and their beautiful hearts with me.

Tao of My Heart

Tao of My Heart

The Tao of my heart - Sweet Life - It is this tender, living childlike wonder 
that has grown so deep and lovely with me. 
This is the joy of my heart. The Child is the pure soul, 
like the sky, everywhere at once, but always here within me.
 I love her open, tender heart and her gentle beauty. 
She came back to me. 
She takes me, guides me through this world now, 
she does the work. I get to enjoy the ride. 
She shows me how.
Now, I just let go, trust and see what happens. 
It’s a bit like being on the back of a red Ducati, 
holding on tight to my lover as he speeds along the winding roads,
 takes the curves, going this way and that. 
I can't see where we are going, I can only trust without knowing. 
But I can snuggle myself close, hold on tight 
and breathe in the heat of his body. I can relax in this scent of love. 
I inhale the calming redolence in the warmth of his black leather jacket. 
I feel safe in the closeness. I feel the motion as he leans and turns. 
I yield and let go while remaining agile and strong. 
Yes, so it is, now my life is kinda like that - 
Living is like that - up close to Life, I feel this sweet Love,
 this wild, unleashed, passionate Love -




Was that my imagination? Was that the sweet fragrance of orange blossomsin the air? 
Or was that all in my mind? My joy goes unrestricted as it makes no difference
 to the is indivisible reality. Either way is always the way. 
My world is a garden of love within me. 
What I see is what I be - 
my veritable singularity unfolding as a wonderland 
of beauty all around me. 
Living here as the tenderness of an unending 
bounty of this sublime sensuality. 



The fair coquette, joyfully dancing 'pon the vibrancy of deep rose magenta,
barefoot, feeling the warm pleasure that touches the holy and divine.
Quite easily, she abandons time. In her ardor, she takes you on a playful adventure,
into the wondrous beauty, painting the landscapes of love.
Senses entwine with the mystic knowing of heaven on earth.

Celestial Song


I share my story and my heart
with those who are interested in
their own self discovery of the unbound
Child of yourself,
your divine birth right,
freedom and joy.

-Sandy Jones-

Flower Fairies - Painting by Artist and Writer Sandy Jones

Sandy does private counseling with intuitive Tarot card readings, 
guiding her clients back to their own divine authority within. 

For Tarot card readings and guidance 
by phone or in person with Sandy Jones. 
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"There is an alchemy that happens.
We mix the two together, intellect and heart,
mind and soul, ego and Identity,
what is and what is not, objective and subjective,
duality and non-duality. There, in this mixture,
the Third appears. This is the Alchemy
of Love and the Power of Light."

- Sandy Jones -
excerpt from Barefoot at Heart

With Love