Footpath to the Beach- Corona del Mar, California

The Carefree Child 

Love is the common denominator - the rest of it is unpredictable. So best to let Love be the balance in our life. This wind blown Joy of Self discovery carries us lightly over the stones, the bumps, the ditches along this road of life. The magic never ends. It's always here. We are living one Infinite, boundless, beautiful world. It's like being on a treasure hunt, exploring the depth of our very soul, the unending Universe, the Mind of God we are Living. We can find and follow this unbound, uninhibited, honest Child we are. That unadulterated, unconditioned pure Self of us is very willing and able to show us the way. It returns to us, it is the same child we once were. When I was very young, I would walk to the beach all by myself. The beach was a few blocks from my home. There was a rugged dirt trail along the cliff that led down to the beach.. Now the trail is manicured domesticated and tamed. No more wild, slippery daring down the steep path. Years ago it was a secret way to the beach. We were filled with Life as we skipped and scampered barefoot and tanned, trekking on the hot dirt crumbling rocks and dust. We can reclaim that glorious holy spirt of the pristine Child, the magic of that vibrant Child is still here, forever sparkling in the heart, and soul of us all. It is the divine mystery, it is the true purpose, it is to find that carefree Child - and then - it is possible - to Live again.

 Garden Studio Summer - Ojai 

Our Rightful Identity

Ask them "Do you know who you are?"  I think we are soon going to awaken from the false programming we believe about our Identity. Each soon to realize our True Identity. The "old man" is the liar that bases his foundation on erroneous beliefs about his Identity.  The human doctrines having accepted the false paradigm that says 'we are mortal, one among many, limited to time and matter, possessors of a brain, custodian of a body that has a life inside of it, of a few days and full of trouble. Not so, not so. We shall soon realize we are Eternal Life, and God is the Only Life Here.  It is time to claim our Divine Heritage and Live our Real Identity. Seeing the Truth about this Self we are, changes everything, totally and wholly. When we know and Live the Truth, that Truth renders all the liars and the lies powerless. Those who find the holy Child, know their Eternal Nature and will survive in joyful ways. Living the Honest Identity will change the world.  It happens by the very action of making this Self-discovery, uncovering our Original Nature. We find the Truth of our Eternal Selfhood and we Live again, we live this holy Child's Honest Way, balanced and in love with our world as our Self.  No one can control or fool those who know their Rightful Identity. God alone is All That Is, there is no other. God is the Alone, Infinite Light, the immeasurable One being All That I-Am and All that You Are - God - the One and Only Honest One Here

Corona del Mar - Summer Evening - 

Independence Day - 

These days remind me that we are ripe and ready to find the holy Child. We can find our Self, and It is strong, self-reliant, intelligent, it our individual Real Self. We find our Real Identity and we know we are already free, independent, and quite capable of making things work for ourself. Tough and brave, bold and sassy, the Holy Spirit we are is our True Self and we are Here we Live It. We claim our divine Heritage, we stand as individuals, as the holy Spirit, the Child we are. That One won't get knocked down easily. We see clearly, and we won't let any overbearing human government imprison this holy Spirit we are. That Spirit is the Divine Child of God, sovereign, powerful, intelligent, and free to think for ourself. Between This uninhibited holy Heart and God we find the authority to live and be true to ourself, preferring to explore and experience all that we are capable of. As we uncover the pristine, pure Identity for ourself, we find the Joy of living and learning. Here to discover and Know our own Self our own Unbound Joy of our True, Eternal Identity. We find It right here within us. Just me, just you, all of us independently knowing we Live right up close to the Infinite Mind, the Light of Life, God Itself, that Is Here and Now - Always being This Life I-Am. Knowing This, we find we have all it takes Live and be the Child of this Light, One with the only Real Government, the Only Honest Government that is Being Life Itself. That's where the Real freedom Lives - and we are That.

 Evening Light - by Sandy Jones

The Honest Identity

This Inner Guide, the holy Child we are is our Original Self, the 'egoless' Identity we really are. We can uncover It, reclaim our Self and Live again. This Original Nature we are is open to LIfe's Presence, the Infinite Mind of God that takes us in another direction. Not the way of the world, not the way of war and politics and anger, hate and fear - but the way of Light and Honesty. We are this Living Presence. As we claim our Heritage, Live the Joy of our Real Identity, It proves Itself to us. You sort of leap and trust, live It, be It. Take on the Real identity and as you do, all doubt falls away. We see for ourself. We find our true Identity, the Child we are. It is Here within Us, It is Balanced between the objective world of time and matter and the subjective holy Light of Oneness. These two reveal the holy Trinity of Life. Now we see everything begins to blooms with this illumination and insight. We know what we have found. Our world comes alive, right here where we are, we see the Infinity of God and the Beauty of It's divine Equation, this Life we are living. As we Live It, we know what to do and how to do it. No longer following the the path of old man's fear and limited beliefs of the world's mortal ways - we have found our own Way and It leads us aright.


 Blooming Cactus Garden - Ojai 

Divine Refections 

In the sunny warm days, that adorable cactus plant is blooming again. He is a stalwart, yet amusing individual. This morning he has a flowery topnotch decorating his lean, prickly stature. Which reminds me of something important about the individual and being true to our own Divine Nature. Real change happens from within. And if we want to see our world blessed by abundance and happiness for all, we need to uncover and be our Real identity, flourishing, living the divine Light of Truth from within.
Groups and politics, governments and organizations can try all they want to put our world in order, adding more laws, more restrictions, rules and regulations, we vote, we join the group, we shout and rant, we hate the other, we are hurtful and arrogant and we think we are doing something to help. But that will do no good, nothing will change. Not until we change. We find the Inner Light of our Self and Live from the that Light within. It's a quantum thing, we are one with this Self-Aware Universe. We change the world, because the world is a reflection each individual.
Seeing this is a powerful, mystical realization. We do this for ourself, as a solitary, single soul, one to one with God. It works. We see the proof in our own lives. Miracles and wonders happen around us, our world is transformed because we have been transformed. No more anger, no more fear. Now we see our world blooming, here, in the Light - we do it alone. The Truth will be revealed to each of us and when It is, we are changed, in mysterious ways. Then we look again - we know, we see the wonders, as this Light of Understanding shines the Way.


Starry Night Sky
- by Sandy Jones

Heavenly Light 

Yes, there are gifts, divine and holy treasures here, awaiting our discovery. We find them within ourself. The Truth reveals Itself, and God is seen to be the whole Infinite Universe, the Only One Here. When That is revealed, we Live It, we Live from this Light we have uncovered. Then we see the tangible evidence, sparkling, beaming the Joy of this Truth, seen, known, here in the world around us. Out of realizing we can't change the things that happen in this world, we let go and trust Life - and in that place we find Love. Living Love, a place of innocence, the Child's Faith, the Truth shines through. Here we find ourself in the glorious vision of the Infinite All, seeing God IS All That Is - that's It. We have uncovered the Everlasting Real Treasure, Here within - and this Treasure cannot ever be lost, stolen, or harmed. Blessing this Life for Its lessons, hearing Life's teaching, knowing the meaning within our heart, learning in our own way. We are touching the Truth and the voice of God is heard saying "... nothing is ever lost, Its all Here, Here in the Universe, and the Universe is ALL Mine." The ring of Truth sounds Its heavenly song of Honest Love. Yes, we hear. We know we are with and of the Infinite One - It cannot be otherwise - and we are liberated, we are set free to Live this Light of God That Is ALL in All. Now the treasures are seen with our very own eyes because the Universe IS God and all things belong to God - the Infinite and Only One Here.  

Flower Garden

The Living Kingdom 

Now we know the world is not ‘out there' it is here within our Self. There is nothing outside of this Self. The Self we are Lives the Eternal Infinite Mind of God and Is the Awareness of God. The Light of Awareness, is Present right here and now living Its Self-knowing as You and Me.

It's All Perfect, just the way Life is, because Infinite Light is Living everything that is. God is the Isness behind this world of ours When we know this, our way of being in the world becomes new. We live open and alive to this sweet unfolding of our Self - from glory to glory.

Death is an illusion, it appears here, but the Living Truth is that there is only One Life. We are this One Self-knowing Universe. Whatever this appearance of death is, it is an illusion and not the end of anyone or anything.

This Light of God does not condemn nor cause Itself harm. It Lives Its Infinite Love, being ALL That Is. We learn and understand ourself to be One with this Infinite Love. The Mind of God is not separate from you. You are the world you walk through. Certainly the wise ones have said this all along. All that was hidden will soon be revealed. 

"The night of Brahman falls as soon as the harvest of the Seed is accomplished. The Morning of the New Day comes quickly "-