This Way

 I thought about your beauty and light, this morning, as the sunrise woke me. It has me wandering the happy trails with you. I see you shine, I see you sparkle, golden sunbeams. Me, I have no plans and no intention on arriving anywhere.  I am already here, wherever I go. I hope you don’t mind. I love this sweet freedom that shows me the way. And, you know, I’m always in love with you, you know that.

I am delighted by the ever-ongoing happy effusion of surprises. The magic exudes its evidence, as I see the love in your eyes, the love pouring out as everything moving along in childlike illumination of wonder.

This whole adventure, being here, living it, this is a world of magic. Living fairytales and memories, taken into the unreasonable, into the spacious, unconstrained beauty of your love, a swirling, dancing world of you and me - It is all here in this enchanted heart of a living romance, unleashed by the believing Child of us.

She is my soul and she leads me along this path, holding hands, she shows us the way home. We return to the pristine beauty we are. Imbibing in love. Ah, yes, the taste of wine and dreams upon your mouth saturates my soul.

Into the dark blue air, to gaze upon the starry night, we look up and out to see the sparkling magic and wonder everywhere, in everything.

Here, in the meadow we dream, laying next to you, the way of love is revealed. This road of life, it leads us back to the heart, the one reality that sings this love song we are. Feeling this love, we come alive to our whole world, back to our self.

We find a hidden glen. Fingertips and breath. Breathing you. We are the substance of things unseen. We are music and laugher in playful rapture, feeling how close, your voice whispers. We are painting the sky with pink reflections of shimmering ice cream castles and silver dewdrops gleaming on the green grass in the misty rain of God's cosmic light.

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