Joy Sings - by Sandy Jones

Original Nature

Something very wonderful happens when we find and Live our Original Nature. The Heart opens to the Light of Truth and Something quite miraculous takes place - our whole world is brought up into this Light. All that was hidden is revealed. It is a quantum revelation, seen by all. The power arrives as this holy Child we are. The Child knows there is no intermediary, no authority, or government between us and the Presence of God.. As the Child, we are Living freedom, strong, resilient, clear, alive, standing on our own two feet. We are no longer subject to the false beliefs based on materialist fiction. As the holy Child we have no mission, nothing to prove, nothing to change, no one to fight - and we take no sides. As this Living Light of the Child, we stand back and let the corruption and darkness will do itself in. We see the darkness is a powerless fictitious nothingness, lies shouting fear, death and destruction. The Child watches as it all vanishes in the Light of the New Day. The holy Child brings the Light that is within each and everyone of us. We find It and Live It - and all that is hidden will be revealed.The Truth Lives as we Live the the Unbound Faith that IS the Child we are - the Child of the Living Light of God.

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