Moonlight Night - by Sandy Jones

Wind Storm

Tonight a wind storm suddenly began blowing mighty wild out there in the dark. It's quite exciting, untamed mysterious powers, unleashed in the dark as the full moon shines luminous through black forest of the trees. Inside it's quiet and warm. The cats are sleeping contently, peaceful. It's the divine visions, they start within the heart to awaken and reveal the Other. It is all here, it is the Light of God within us. In the holy sanctuary the Infinite wonders come pouring through this Living Essence of our Self - not of this world - but always here, always here being, seeing, fully, the only One Looking. The world is within us. There is no other Self here, nothing outside of God -.Life is God, Alone and Only. It is Love, the Immeasurable One, this Awareness, Unseen but Always Here - always Here. This - this Beautiful, Perfect Presence. The stormy winds blow as the glorious Nature of God's wondrous Mystery that moves my soul, touching the very Being of this holy Self that is God's Everlasting Life. There is no Other Self- This Isness of Life is Being All that is or ever will be. How extraordinary it is to be Here, deeply and wholly in Love, totally and complexly in Love with All that is -

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