Snow Flowers

Living Interface

All the words being spoken and written in the name of Truth are as nothing compared to our own experienced Living interface with Reality. This direct connection with God gives us access to an inner strength and ability to stand balanced and free. We find our own two feet and we can think for ourself. We Live this Truth unbeholden to the collective mind-set and not fooled by the lies based on human constructs of separation, guilt, sin, and the incorrect, outmoded science of materialism. The Truth is; we have this divine Inner Authority, it is our real Identity. It is Here and has always been with us. We are meant to Live our Life in the fullness of this Self-Awareness we already are. This Light of God is our Real Identity. This entire Universe is the Living Mind of God. We are each a diverse and individual holy Spark of This Living One, this Presence of God. Living this holy Child we have found our Self to be - we are not seduced or coerced by the false premise of a mechanistic, godless, objective belief in a world of brith and death. We find our Real Identity and Live this blessed Way of the holy Child of God, unbound and alive. We dare to be this holy Child we are - knowing our entire world is within this Infinite Mind of God and It's Awareness. We dare to Live. The fog of deception lifts and we realize that God is the Only Life here - and there is no other Life we can be. Our world is quantum and synergistic, lifted up as we Live this Light of Truth. - then - how beautiful this Love - as we watch and see.

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