Artist: Ovanes Berberian


The dynamic essence of this entire Universe, tangible and intangible, seen and unseen - all of it perfectly designed. All in sync, in rhythm with God's boundless, visionary, Living Presence. We discover our pure childlike, guileless innocence that is alive with living faith. This love of God is natural and innate. The Soul of our Self is like a seed that is coded to bloom into the fullness of our glory. To know God and Live It's Joyful Presence. As this natural faith comes alive within us, we grow in the Light and become empowered in this Love. This divine imprint is written within us, encoded to blossom, sovereign and free, strong and gentle, playful and carefree. We become willing, unconcerned, defenseless, floating on the holy waters of God's Being - and the seed cracks open - and the blooming begins - it does - and then - in this sweetest bliss - we know - and we let it be, we let it all be

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