The Meadow -  by Sandy Jones

Unexpected Sweetness

In the simplifying, delightful, open spaces of our Being, the Light shines Its Living Freedom of Infinity. We find Love is the unbound Song of this Life we are.. We can touch Reality and Breathe in the Unexpected Sweetness of Life. Truth is Perfect. God is the Light of All and Everything. The Light is Here and we are the Carefree Living of Its Holy Spirit. Now, In such Pristine happy anticipation, the joyful Heart overflows with this Exquisite Rush of Beauty. Feelings Drenched in the very Essence of Life Itself - curious and wondering what will happen next. Whatever it might be, it is Love that leads the Way, it the Joyful Vitality of This Love that Nothing can stop. This is the River that flows Gently in the Night, reflecting the holy Moonlight gleaming upon these easy, rolling sacred Waters of Eternity. Feeling alive, arms open in wild winds of Mystery. Blown free, swept along, moving with this happy, most magical, marvelous Joy in the Heavenly Richness of God's Sweet Pleasures and Divine Wonders.

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