The Way of Love

The holy wisdom to stand alone and be true to our Self is the Way of Love. Those who make their own Self-discovery are not swept into the panic and fear that paints the scene, nor are we made slave to the false world view, the mechanistic, measurable, objective view. Knowing who we are, we are moved to Love our world mightily and our others evermore dearly. We don't take sides, we don't take offense - we don't need to. Our power is this divine authority within us and that guiding Light leads our way in perfect harmony. This World and this Life we are living belongs to God alone and only, This Living Presence of God is Life Itself. We are This Life. We don't have to "see" certain things be what we think they should be, or shouldn't be. We find inner peace and joy as we let Life Live It's Glorious Splendor. Living this happy heart of this holy Child we are, is synergistic, quantum - so it is one by one that we change our world - as we find our Real Identity. It is up to each of us to take hold our Divine Heritage and Live It. Love is an Intelligence, Love is the very Nature of Life, the action of giving and receiving - this Is the Divine Equation of God. Everything about Life flows perfectly as Love does the work - and It does - always.

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