Rainy Day

Experience is Identity

A beautiful icy cold morning here. The passing storm covered the high hills in snow and soaked the valley in richness. The earth, the trees, the tall green grass, all sparkling with silvery light coming through the clouds. How marvelous we are. I love us all. We are ready to understand that our experience of the world is directly connected to our Identity. Knowing our Real Identity is essential if we wish to experience the world as the honest, true, bountiful divine qualities and attributes of this Living Presence of God - Realty itself. Since experience appears as however we view our own Identity, then, when we live from the mistaken, separated sense of identity, we experience the world consumed by lies, wars and divisions. If we are very fortunate, the troubles of this world will cause us to seek our Real Identity.and to find the Truth of our Original Nature, the holy Child we are. Knowing our Real Self, we live as the Divine Balance between the tangible experience of body and matter - and the Intangible, unbound Spirit of the actual-I that I am. We experience this Holy Perfection of the One perfect Being as this Single Identity I-Am. Now we look around to see our world blooming in this Tranquilly of the ever ongoing glorious action of our Honest Identity Lived -

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