Winter Beach Day

Omnipresent Oneness

No matter how the world appears to be, this Absolute perfection, this omnipresent Oneness is right here and now. This very Presence is the Awareness of God. Here, beside the ocean, I can see the snow topped mountains miles away. How marvelous and miraculous this Infinite Light of God's Totality is. Love is immeasurable, God is Love Love is here. It bubbles with childlike happiness as this unbound Source flows through me. I feel Its marvelous Living Wonder. To realize this entire Self-Aware Universe works perfectly as timeless eons of endless Isness - All our very own Self. This Self I am is the holy Child of this One and Only. That's the Way of this Divine and Infinite Isness.  I inhale the sweet fragrance of this Intangible Holiness enlightening this whole experience. Your Beauty is extraordinary. I am in love. I am enchanted by this marvelous, effortless, unambitious, easy Lover that has had its way with me. It's all right here, always here. And I am surrendered, without direction, aimless and content in the fulness this Beloved that has taken me. Everything is the Living evidence of the Allness of God and Its timeless holy Child we are.

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