Sweet Blooming Beauty

Mysterious Agreement

How extraordinary this Life is. It is the Presence of God being Lived by You and Me. My journey brought me to see and know that God is being All That Is and all that I am. God alone is Living the Light that is being this Self-Awareness-I-am. It proves Itself as this knowing peace that lets me think for myself. This Identity I am is not a material thing - It is the divine Presence that is God's alone. God and this Life- I- am does not belong to time and matter, to the government, nor a political party, or to fear's prison and control. I will do it My Way. And this Way proves Itself to be faithful, honest, perfect, and true. God has never been subjugated, overthrown, invaded or occupied by any external persons, Ideology, religion, philosophy, system, leader, group, committee or governing institution - no matter what label they go by. There is no other authority outside of God. All 'things' are images within this One Mind, the Mind of God. Being true to myself is the way of this enlightenment, the mysterious agreement between IS and AM, the single One. God is Self-evident, as obvious to me as this Awareness-I-am. My relationship to my world is intimate, it is the Love that is enlightening My Experience of Life, which includes all the images that exist powerlessly within this Awareness-I-Am

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