Rain drenched little garden

Real and True

Beautiful -This morning the birds are singing happy love songs. Everything is wet, the air is misty, fresh and sweet. It's all quite perfect. Venus and Jupiter are lined up close. They are starry eyed lovers and we can feel it. We are made of this same heavenly Light, the same cosmic Splendor that shines here, sparkling in our eyes. This Love lives within us all. This Love is unbound Love, It lets us all do what we want to do - it doesn't control or force, It is the Presence of God, the rhythm, the movement of This Infinite Universe we are. When we discover our Real Identity, we are no longer enslaved by fictitious beliefs. This holy Child we are reveals to us the powerlessness of the pseudo-authorities. We find the Light, and know for ourselves what is Real and True. We can't be fooled. We have set ourself free. We discover the joyful abundance of Life as we come alive again, rise from the dictatorial emptiness of old conditioned thinking and false beliefs. The holy Child is the Balance - knowing 'What Is Real' and 'What Is Not' - and knowing these two are One. Here, as our Self, in this sweet anointing, we know that nothing Real is harmed and we are born again to the Living Presence of this divine Mystery of our very own Being.

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