Poppies - by Alexa Bliss

Divine Mind

They forgot that the Child of you and the Child of me is the same One, deep in the heart of God. Where did they get the idea they can stand as intermediary, governing authority between God and us? Nothing exists between this Awareness I am, this Child of All, and God Itself. In the twinkling of an eye, we realize the whole world is the Living Presence of Divine Mind; our very Life is Awareness itself. This Unbound Mind is filled with joy-full thought - not the plans and calculations of a syndicate of falsifying manipulators. You and I are always free, being the Living Light of the beautiful and complete fullness of God. We are Living as thought-full Awareness itself. We are the holy Child of divine Mind. Our thoughts a continuous surprise and delight, a spontaneous, effortless flowing, wide open, all-inclusive Mind being the Awareness I am - this Awareness right here, right now. This holy Child Lives in the Meadow - a new dimension is added - we have walked into a heavenly wildflower field of colorful Light and Joy, Wonder, Beauty and Peace. We leave the old man's world and we reclaim our God given Mind - and we Live It, playfully free, alive - in Love

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