Blooming Springtime


You see, if these organizations, governments and their institutions spoke the Truth and advocated freedom, individuality, and told you of your unbound divine power, your Real Identity and the joy of Living this holy Mystery- well, that would put them out of business. They would lose their members, their power, control and profits. But, despite their coercion - we have found the Truth and we are breaking free. One day we realize it is our God given right to find our Self. And so we do. And when we do, we are not afraid to live It right here in the world - that is a very powerful action - causing a quantum wave of Truth to be seen all around us. We can no longer be fooled by fear and false authorities. Soon we will see and know our whole sweet world has found this Joyful freedom - free and living without fear. We live our life fully in touch with the Living Presence of the Infinite Light. Being the holy Spirit - and we don't need others ruling over us. We don't fight, we don't fear, we don't resist. As the Child we are able to flow easy, like water moving along, powerful, steady, around and over what ever might be in the way - and a Mysterious thing happens - It does wonders for us all.


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