Floral in Pink 

Mysterious Power

How very beautiful it all is. Beauty is the divine messenger speaking to my heart, singing to my soul. It comes unsolicited and just smiles at me, it fills my heart and my world sparkles and glitters everywhere. We can see the entire situation in our world is pointing us back to our Self. Our Self, the one that is Real, and Lives as Love's Eternal Light. We are like a field of wild flowers, such grace and beauty, the flowers blowing in the wind. Springtime arrives and the holy mystery blooms in childlike wonder. I feel the magic of this divine love song of the Infinite Being, expressing It's Presence in the soft colors as this holy splendor of light. Watching the flowers dance to the breeze of the unseen rhythm, the mystical caress of unbound Love. This paradise of peace resides as this joyful soul of my Self, the vital, living, bare, vulnerable holy Child that has returned to me. Such extraordinary strength in this most tender, delicate, carefree and mysterious power of Love.

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