More Sweet Rain

Quantum Nature 

It's basic, primary, fundamental - we are one with the quantum nature of Life, the Living Presence of Divine Mind. I am, you are the world we walk through. Identity and the world that appears to be 'out there' are One. It is all within us. The world is not an objective material place and it cannot be fixed or changed by 'moving the deck chairs.' This world Is the Living Mind of God and this Identity we are is Its Self-knowing Awareness. God is the Life and Light of All That Is. Our world appears as Images of images, reflections mayhap - but It is always the Mind of God, All in All. We find our Real Identity is the Child within us. That Child will lead the way. We will see the 'New World' - and it won't be the one the blind consortium of fictional characters are dreaming up. This holy Child cannot be fooled. This Mind is fully Aware that the observer and the observed are One. Letting go the delusional perceptions of the struggling human apart from God - the 'old mind.' - we claim our divine heritage, put on the New, to be born again. Now, living this Child's Way of Life. our world is fresh, ongoing, growing, unfolding in perfect Balance as the beauty of this Living One.


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