Apple Blossoms and Birdhouse 

Life Lives On

Love is balance and beauty, the golden elegance and grace of the sunshine warming an April garden of lavender, oranges, cactus, tangerines and lemons. Nothing forced, all things unfolding in perfect timing of this Unseen Light of Divine Intelligence. This Intelligence manifesting as the visible, tangible existence, as nature and all these marvelous things involved in this wondrous, dazzling display of the Way of Life. I am reminded how extraordinary this world is. It lives on - through time, and storms and droughts and death, the constant billion changes upon the scene - while yet, this Presence is here, always, still here. Life Is still here, ever now, happy, gentle, wild, untamed, unharmed, completely free and ever so beautiful - Such is the Way of Love. Unhindered - Life goes on. We find our Self, our holy Spirit, and know that "the kingdom of heaven is within."  We realize we can choose our attitude, our perspective, live it our way - despite what the educated beliefs say we are supposed to think and follow. We have learned to listen to our Self.  Everything becomes harmonious as we live open to Life, in this sweet feeling of defenseless, innocent faith. We find this holy Child within. This One ives the transcendent balance, able to see both sides at once, spirit and matter, all here. We are  experiencing the wonder of this profound existence and Its all inclusive  ascendency of Love.


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