Orange Blossoms 

The Vital Force 

The orange trees are in bloom and the air is wafting with their sweet fragrance. Everything in our garden is bursting with heavenly glory. The garden is alive with splendor, a floral bouquet of orange blossoms, honey-suckle, jasmine, lilac, and roses. This little bit of paradise and happy song birds, tells me Life is God's Presence, the Real and Living Presence of All That Is. This holiness of Here and Now is Always Present, unharmed and unchanged by whatever antics humanity goes rambling on about. The Vital Force Is, in fact, the Only Reality. Life flows on. The Presence is not stuck in human systems based on inadequate precepts and beliefs. In these times, the swift flow of quantum information is leading us to new vistas and perspectives, as we realize the insubstantial nature of time and matter. The tumult the 'leaders of mistaken identity' are causing, with any luck, will bring us back to our own Light within us, the Simplicity and Divinity of the holy Child, the One Identity we really are. Trusting in our Self, knowing the Vital Force is Eternal - we can see the Way through this labyrinth of false beliefs. Standing steady and true, we can't be fooled - Identity, the holy Child, Lives beyond the shadow of doubt.


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