Springtime Garden 

Divine Passion

This flower within the heart opens to the morning light, to reveal this most marvelous gift. It is the Unbound Joy of Living, open to the Light of all That is. This Real of us, the holy Child within us feels the Infinite, Divine Passion. It has no cause. This passion awakens our senses to the Living Presence of Love, the Love that Life IS. A powerful rush filled with a multitude of bare, pure, unconditioned senses, all comes alive within us - all the senses, intermingled with Life. We return to the Way of our True Nature, our Real Self. Merging with Life, with the Infinite Joy of God, touching, blending, coalescing with this Light of the Eternal One, the very Light of Reality Itself. We can Live the Passion of this Love, knowing God is Here, God is this Living Awareness of the Child we are, the Soul, the Everywhere at Once of our Life. right here. Take a chance - we leap, we strip down to this uninhibited, guiltless Beauty of our very own Life, the innocent Self we are. We live again, and we see the holy wonders, we feel the Living Presence. the Divine Passion that creates this world, This Life that we are.  It is the Way of the holy Child - Heart and Soul - It is irresistible. 

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