Roses In May

Unbound Joy

When I was young, I began to lose myself. I didn't know this, but I lost myself to the desire to conform, fit in, to be included in the socially designated false reality. I buried my True Self under the culturally formatted expectations. But, it all became difficult because I couldn't achieve 'their' reality and exceptions. That's when I went on a search for other ways. It took me many years, but to my surprise, my search led me back to my Self, the pure, beautiful little girl I once was - and my innocent, divine, unbound Joy returned to me. This Child is Real and Right and Good. It is Wonderful and It Lives! This Self of me takes my hand and shows me the Way - steady and true. Yes, God is Good - we never lose our Real Identity. It is Here always. We rediscover This Inner blessed One - and we find heaven on earth, just like it was when we were kids - our boundless, carefree Spirit. Our Life is God's Life. Knowing this, we live open to it all, exposed, unafraid, feeling this Living Presence of the bountiful beauty of Something Wonderful. It is the Holy Light of Life that touches us and awakens the senses, the mind, the body, the spirit to the Splendor of this heavenly Presence of God's Infinite Love.

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