Glorious Sweet Peas 

This Holy Place 

Orange and red poppies, fuzzy green stems and iridescent purple, magical yellows and deep sapphire blues, silkened winged butterflies and the sacred holy heart of Love. One day we discover this Living Beauty we are - This wholly being, being you and being me - being the whole sweet joy of Life Itself, feeling it all. Feelings, tender loving tears, smiling, gentle feelings, our senses alive to the holiness of our heart - sight, sound, vision, touch - the cool breeze and precious scent of sweet peas in bloom  - it's all feelings. Infinite sensations of divine beauty, a world of glorious richness, unending variety of God's abundance and Love. This whole and holy place, a beautiful love, a golden sunbeam, warmth that sings this sweet song of Innocence, the Child's holy heart. It's all here. My vision is filled with vivid glory of light sparkling with an abundance of divine colors that express the unbound joy of Living Love.  God is the One Living this Life we are - and we are - and we are lovers  - and we Live forever falling in love with this Living One -  

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