Stormy Sea 

Love Knows 

Love isn't subject to man-made rules and laws. Love cannot be held captive or confined - and Love cannot die. Love does not abide any form of tyranny that would try to rule over the Mind and Spirit of this eternal Life we are. Certainly human governments have no power over this Infinite Mind of God. Our Spirit is Love. Love is unpossessed, unafraid, unhindered by anything or anyone that would try to keep us hostage to fiction and fear. Because Love has no fear, Love sees, Love knows. We are living Life's unrestricted, Infinite Boundless Beauty, moving along with the living Mystery, sailing on the Sea of Love, feeling the winds, the storms, riding the waves - living miracles of this Love we are. It is Wonderful. We don't have to prove anything to anyone. We stand true to our Self. We listen to our Soul, our Heart. We are not separate nor apart from this Love that God is. We stand true to this Divine Spirit within, alone, knowing our God given rights and freedom as this Life we are. I will choose to live with my heart open to the timeless gift that God is, in love with the unfolding wonders that are here. It feels right and good to stay watchful and expectant of God's Love that is the One and Only that will always be.

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