Joyful sweet peas  

One and Only 

This Awareness, this Living Presence of LIfe's Self-knowing is the Unchanged, Ever-lasting Identity we are. All that is, is within this all inclusive Awareness. God's Awareness, Infinite Being. This Awareness, right here IS One, single, only Awareness - It cannot be changed or harmed, captured or controlled. And furthermore, we are this Awareness, no matter what we think or do, whether we claim it or not, whether we admit it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not, whether we even care or not. We are what we are, regardless of our personal wishes in the matter. One may continue to believe himself to be someone who possesses Awareness if he likes, but in so doing he lives a lie, an unhappy charade, and he delays the discovery of his own authority, this real joy and the peace of mind so very close. We are Life Itself, Awareness itself, unbound, uninhibited and free. We are Awareness Itself, Infinite Mind, the ageless, immeasurable Isness of God. There is 'no other' no separate Awareness Here, We can let go of all that defines the false identity and make this happy discovery of this joyful, ongoing, ever-flowing Awareness we are. As we Live in this added new dimension, in the Meadow of this peace of mind - we look around and see our world is lifted up. 


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