Joy Sings 

True Essence 

Life does not die - and we are Life Itself. Life is without beginning and without end. I'd not really be surprised to hear the front gate open - and see your smiling beauty walking in the door. I'm right, the Light we are is Eternal Light, Immeasurable Light - it's true. That divine Light is just the same as It has always been, ageless, deathless, timeless - the same beautiful you. We see a world in upheaval and so many in despair from much loss and many changes. I know in my life, it was the heartbreaking losses that brought me home to myself. We are here to know and Live our Real Identity. Life is Love and Love brings whatever is necessary that leaves us standing on our own feet. This is the gift worthy of the world. To find and know the true Essence of our Self, the holy Child we are that is being this Eternal Light that God is - that's freedom. To know and live the Divine Equation, balanced within ourself, right here between heaven and earth, giving and receiving, inside to outside. The Child Lives the Balance, giving to Caesar and to God, in both directions at once. That's our Living Joy. It's so simple - but we don't know that until and unless we find this infinite unbound Life we are. -  Sandy Jones

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