Wildflower Meadow -  Artwork by Neil Person


We are heading towards a grand reversal, where the Light of Truth is discovered, revealed. The innocent will live in victory. The world is being flooded with misinformation, charades and falsehoods. As these old things have reached the expiration date, we will turn within to find our Self. We will uncover the Inner authority, our God given, honest One, the fresh, full, living divine Self within us. This holy Child we are is the Self that Lives in the Meadow where wildflower fields blooms, where Honest Love and Nature's abundance prevails. When we Realize our divine heritage, we can stand alone, true to our Self and our joyful heart - unintimidated by the naysayers and cynics and old world views. The holy Child is our Rightful heritage, our Original God given imprint, within us, here, to Live again. The pristine Child you are lifts the heart effortlessly and changes our external world along with us. In this Realization of our divine Identity, fear and trepidation vanishes. This unbound, carefree Child we are Lives beyond the old confining beliefs and text book conditioning. The Child is like the photon, soaring, unrestricted by time and matter, unbeholden to false authorities, lies and control. We see our world in the sweet Light of Truth - right here - as we Live It - 

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