Little art studio in the backyard garden - Ojai

Infinite Beauty

I've never been inclined to join groups. I avoid anything that seems like a cult; religious, secular, political. I won't buy into the latest popular agenda which all seem deliberately designed to oppress through fear. I've always preferred to stay to myself. I like trusting my immediate interface with Life, being up close to this Living flow of Isness. Life is Unbound, alive, unorganized and randomly wonderful, here for just being - simply being is enough. I don’t follow any kind of "ism" or ideology. I do have my own ideas, and they Live as this Life I am. Seems best to me, to keep my heart open and let Life's unbound Love pour through. Love is ever yielding to this Infinite Beauty of the Divine Intelligence of Life. Love is alive to this unending miracle, the extraordinary depth of this world. Every moment new, every instant original, fresh - a perfect experience of the pristine unfoldment of the Presence, the Silent Stillness of God's timeless Infinity. It is This I prefer, this Incredible heavenly peace of the One and Only Sweet Beloved Light of Life. No other is ever so captivating, tender, honest and beautiful as This. In my passion for Life's exquisite Wonder I'll let this Living Song of my Soul lead the way.

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