Wondrous Love   -  by Sandy Jones


The world is awakening to this new understanding that Life is Consciousness Itself, that Life is this Self-Awareness we are. Our Life IS Infinite and we each have a unique individual Soul. This Divine Imprint Lives on after we leave this body. When we know the Truth, then everything about this Life we are living becomes wondrous, loved and easy, free from fear. Through greater understanding that Life is not in the body - everything is 'made new.' The external world around us is changed by this Light of Self-discovery that transpires within us. How marvelous to see the old Newtonian science moving away from the materialist view of life based on false foundations, measuring the objective 'things' limited to time and space. As science moves into this quantum view of Life, the scientist will be brave and free enough to present these new vistas of revolutionary discovery, stating that Awareness, Consciousness does not arise from matter. Now stating freely that Awareness, Mind, Consciousness is Primary and It Lives as This Omniscient Life we are. This Conscious Awareness of our Self is the divine Spark of Identity inseparable from this Living Light of Life - the One Supernal Mind. Our soul, our Self exists everywhere at once. As this timeless Light, no one and nothing within Life has ever really died - Love Lives Eternal.

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