In our garden - 

The Nature of Reality 

How lovely the beauty of deep dark magenta roses blooming amongst the garden's green sparkling leaves in the sunlight. I will trust Life and its Infinite wonders. This holy Child I have reclaimed, is soft, resilient, yet balanced and stands strong, discerning and not fooled by the appearances of this world. It is interesting that the arrogant, adulterated "old man" embracing the intellectual eruditions of false beliefs, snarks and sneers, belittling this idea of Something Wonderful and Innocent that can set us free. It is the limited view of life, the small minded thinking, the mistaken identity built on falsehoods that denigrate this idea that our awakening comes by way of this holy Child within us. But, that makes sense, it would be the "old man" that is so fearful of Life. Those that are locked into materialism and the worship of the Darwinist beliefs, hung up on mortality and time as the master of their world. Those would, of course, refuse to hear about this Joyful Savior the Child is. Those are the ones who would never dare to accept the idea of Something Wonderful and Divine, Something as Honest and Everlasting as our very own Soul. But, I will continue remind my world, I will tell others that there is Something Wonderful Here. I will speak of God and God's Unbound Light, the Everywhere at Once of our Self. This Way Shower is here within us, for us to find - and then - to Live again. We will, because the Truth is the Light of God and Its Pristine Child is the very Nature of Reality - We are here to reclaim our rightful identity - This Carefree, Pristine Child that sets us free.

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