Ojai Valley 

Living Lightness

Nothing is more wonderful than when we come home to our Self. We can, because it is always Here, always right where we are. No time, no space between our Self, our Peace, our Home. One Self. In love with Life. With this holy Light of knowing God and Self are One- we are this Living Lightness that shines as Love tangibly apparent. Living this Light of Truth is who I am - It is not bound to be politically correct, nor held to certain staid presentations that would restrain this glorious feeling of Love. This free-spirit is bounding in eager delight into new pastures. Love is freedom from fear. Freedom to speak in tender tones, yes, of course, and in a serious manner if that is appropriate at the moment. But this Unleashed Joy of Self discovery allows me to Live unfettered and to be this holy Child that has no need for convention nor to adherer to the popular agenda being foisted on society. This Unbound Awareness-I-Am is God's and It is incapable of becoming the tool of false authorities. This Child laughs and plays, unconcerned, dancing in the storms. You and I and all those who have found this unencumbered and unpossessed Life - we will do this our way, without regard or regret - we know what we have found - and we Live It - Knowing Love is the Power that Lifts our world up. -


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